Real-time insights for improved mission outcomes

Wearin’ is an intelligent IoT platform that generates real-time insights by capturing in-mission data from connected sensors and devices. With automatic alerts and a digital platform to visualize key data, Wearin’ helps detect and prevent health and safety risks, improve live coordination, and enable remote guidance.

Modular sensor ecosystem
A selection of sensors and devices are incorporated into gear, vehicles and surroundings to capture and process critical in-mission data.

AI-powered insights
Wearin’s algorithms use machine learning to detect immediate hazards and prevent potential risks with automatically generated alerts and predictive actions.

Customizable end-to-end solutions
Modular IoT hardware, cloud-based software and a user-friendly mobile app provide a complete solution that can integrate seamlessly into existing systems.

Secure data capture and transmission
End-to-end encryption protects sensitive information, while high-speed transmission ensures real-time data capture.

Connected humans. Smarter missions.

The Wearin’ connected platform digitalizes the real-time status of people in the field— their location, environment and well-being— to detect and prevent crisis situations. Key data is sent to both the user and the decision makers who need it, while intelligent alerts and two-way communication facilitate coordination and response. AI-powered data processing allows for incident detection, such as heat stress and acute stress, man down or an attack on an armored vehicle, and helps prevent future risks.

A modular IoT ecosystem for complex and high-risk environments

Our configurable sensor ecosystem includes a range of sensors and devices to monitor gas, proximity, falls, biometrics, high voltage, noise, temperature, etc., as well as devices such as GPS, indoor positioners, radios, and cameras.

Protect people — and their privacy

Data protection and data privacy has been integrated by design in our ecosystem. We guarantee the security of the entire flow of the data within our platform, from the collection from our sensors to the final storage in our servers. Data is encrypted end-to-end.

We strictly follow and adhere to security industry standards like SOC1,2,3 and ISO27K for risk-management, communication,monitoring,access to data, system operations, and change management.The integrity and privacy of any personal data complies with the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR.

Our platform is fully redundant and provides a high availability of our services with an uptime of 99.98% worldwide.We also provide a multi-region data and service availability to ensure a full disaster recovery to cover the worst scenarios.