We are a player in IoT specialized in ecosystems

that support workers operating in challenging environments. Thanks to our solutions specifically tailored to various professions, Wearin’ enables increased safety and efficiency

We provide a platform (hardware and software) that enables the creation of a scalable ecosystem tailored to the present and future needs of organizations.

Its use allows both the streamlining and governance of the IoT ecosystem, which can be created by us or integrated into any existing environment.

To this end, we have a library of features and UIs, which allow us to create solutions perfectly suited to the needs, requirements and typologies of various operational field environments.

Real-world solutions that protect people and operations in a range of industries

From first responders to security agents, firefighters to civilians, Wearin’ keeps people — and their data — safe.

Upcoming Events


21.05.24 – 23.05.24, Abu Dhabi, UAE

With International Golden Group (IGG)
Stand 11-B20 


17.06.24 – 21.06.24, Paris, France

With Fischer Connectors



02.09.24 – 06.09.24, Johannesburg, South Africa

With Soteria

We are in’

It is with pride and joy that we celebrate the  70th anniversary of our family group this year,  a sign of loyalty, continuity and sustainability.

One solution, a global network of partners

We partner with the best providers of devices, garments, wearables, and connectivity solutions.

Together, we offer an ecosystem of sensors and devices, modular hardware, and smart cloud-based software that can be adapted to your industry and extended as new technology reaches the market.